Tally Prime Book in Hindi PDF Free download

Tally Prime Book in Hindi PDF

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Tally Prime Book in Hindi PDF:-Here we are sharing today Tally Prime Book in Hindi PDF Free download. This pdf will increase your knowledge and help you to crack your target. In this Tally Prime Hindi Book Pdf Download 2022  we are providing you Tally & Tally Prime Notes & Books PDF 2022. We are sharing a compilation of various individual section in the Mega Tally Prime Notes in Hindi, GST, Voucher Entry, PDF Download, which is very important for all exams like-SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, IBPS, RRB, UPSC, IAS,CTET,REET,HTET, Insurance, Bank exams and other govrnment exams.

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200+ Computer One Liner Questions in Hindi PDF Download

Most Important Computer Questions:-

  1. Which utility is used to transfer files and exchange messages – E-mail
  2. What does an educational institution usually use in its domain name? – .edu
  3. What is e-commerce? Buying and selling of products and services on the Internet
  4. Internet related ftp The word means – File Transfer Protocol
  5. Point at which data enters or exits the computer – Terminal
  6. The world’s first computer network is considered – ARPANET
  7. Linux is an example of open source software Restarting an already running computer is called – Rebooting
  8. The process of finding errors in software code is called debugging
  9. The part of CPU that coordinates the activities of all other computer components – Control Unit
  10. The data going into the computer is called – Input
  11. The hardware device that is commonly called the brain of a computer is – CPU
  12. When the computer works on the given instructions, it is called – Processing
  13. Input device which is widely used in supermarkets – Bar code reader
  14. A computer program is a set of instructions that enables a computer to solve a problem or perform a task.
  15. Terminals formerly called cash registers are often associated with complex inventory and sales computer systems – point-of-sale
  16. What is Arnett? – One Computer Network
  17. What is the keyboard shortcut for a new slide? – Ctrl+N
  18. A group of related records is called a database
  19. What types of files are the xls extension used for? – excel

Important Computer Questions:-

  1. The Open, Print and Save buttons are all located – on the standard tool bar
  2. The point at which column and row intersect in a spreadsheet is called a cell.
  3. What is the default file extension of a Word document? – DOC
  4. The taskbar is located – at the bottom of the screen
  5. What is data in computer called? – sign and numeric information
  6. L.U. Full name of – Arithmetic logic unit
  7. The controlling part of the computer is called – CPU.
  8. Coordinates all the parts of the computer – Control Unit
  9. The microprocessor which is the brain of the computer is called – Microchip
  10. ALU performs operations – Arithmetic
  11. A hardware device that converts data into meaningful information – Processor
  12. What is CRAY? – Super Computer
  13. Largest Unit of Storage – Tera Byte
  14. What is a series of eight consecutive bits called? – Byte
  15. First generation computers used – Vacuum tubes
  16. Computer virus is only one type of software, which mainly destroy – programs
  17. What is Google? – search engine

Important Computer Questions:-

  1. Which method is used in modern digital computers? – Binary Number System
  2. Teleprocessing and timesharing were used in which generation of computers? – third generation
  3. A device that uses a handheld operating system? – PDA
  4. How many types of computers are there? – two types
  5. Point and draw device is called – Mouse
  6. Track Ball Example is – Pointing Device
  7. Soft copy is an output, so what is hard copy? – printed output
  8. The process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to hard disk is called – Installation
  9. The data stored in which memory gets lost as soon as the power goes out? – RAM
  10. DVD is an example – optical disc
  11. The full name of CD-RW is Compact Disc rewritable
  12. Who does the work of carrying information from one unit to another and bringing them back? – Data Base
  13. What is the abbreviation for continuous power supply in computer? – You. PS
  14. What resides in the motherboard that connects the CPU to other parts on the motherboard? – system bus
  15. Website collection is – of web pages
  16. Which programming language does not require a translator? – machine language
  17. The extension of Excel spreadsheet is – .xls
  18. What are file extensions used for? – To identify the file type
  19. Excel Workbook is a Collection of Worksheets
  20. What are the two parts of an e-mail address? Username and domain number

Important Computer Questions:-

  • What is the relation of the word CAD in computer? – by design
  • What is the name of the first computer manufactured in India? – Siddhartha
  • Computer programs are written as a high-level programming language. by human Translation of readable program is called – source code
  • C, BASIC, COBOL and JAVA are examples of which language is called – High-Level
  • Full form of ASCII is – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • Father of computer – Charles Babbage
  • First modern computer was discovered – in 1946
  • Programs, rules used in the operation of computer and other related to computer
  • operations
    The written material is called – Software

200 Important Questions Of Computer:-

  1. The brain of the computer is called – C.P.U.
  2. Who has developed the Integrated Circuit Chip?- J. s. by kilby
  3. What is the layer on the Integrated Circuit Chip (I.C.)? – silicone
  4. What is the layer of material on the magnetic disk? – iron oxide
  5. What is the measure of the length of a word in a computer – Bit
  6. The unit of capacity of the storage medium is – Byte
  7. What type of software is MS Windows? – GUI
  8. Which is a device that connects two or more networks? – Gateway
  9. Computers typically process data into information by working with? – Numbers
  10. Which memory chip is programmed in the manufacturing process? – ROM
  11. A byte is a collection of – eight bits
  12. CD-ROM is an example of – Input device
  13. Compiler is a translator of the source program into object code. Whose property is volatility? – RAM
  14. Java is example – High level language Viruses, Trojan horses and worms are capable of causing damage to the computer system.
  15. Computers collect data which means they allow the user to input key These computers are relatively rare due to their cost and size – supercomputers
  16. Full name of RAM is Random Access Memory
  17. Specialized programs designed to allow specific input or output devices to  communicate with the rest of the computer system are called – Operating System
  18. This type of computer is the least powerful yet it is used the most and it is the fastest growing type of computer – mini computer
  19. Programs designed to perform specific tasks related to the management of computer resources are called – Operating Systems
  20. The most powerful computer is – super computer
  21. An Internet service that provides a multimedia interface to the available resources is called – Word Wive Web
  22. Used to create word processing software – Documents
  23. Such a device which connects to the network without the use of cable, it is called – Wireless

Important Computer Questions:-

  1. Menu part consists of – Status bar
  2. The program used to view websites is called- browser
  3. How many different types of documents can you keep open at the same time? – so much more as much as your computer memory can hold
  4. Full form of GUI is Graphical User Interface
  5. What is the word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document? – Hyperlink
  6. CPU consists of – a control unit and an arithmetic logic unit
  7. Computer cannot boot if it does not have – Operating System
  8. Which feature of Read Only Memory (ROM) makes it useful? – in ROM
  9. Data is not at risk, it remains in it even when there is no electricity What type of resource is commonly shared in computer network – Printers
  10. How many margins are there on the page? – Four
  11. What Kind of Computer Can Be in a Digital Watch? – embedded computer
  12. The combination of hardware and software that facilitates the exchange of information between computing devices

Important Computer Questions With Answers:-

  1. What is a Dumb Terminal? – central computer
  2. Internet means – Large network of networks
  3. What is backup? – Exact copy of system information
  4. A feature of Word that corrects some spellings, typing, capital letters, or grammar
  5. errors autocorrect – autocorrect
  6. What is the main folder on a storage device called? – root directory
  7. The thing which has easily understood instructions is called – User Friendly
  8. The specific programs that help the user to find the required content on the web are called – Search Engines
  9. The easiest way to find a specific word or phrase in a document in Word Another quick way is to use the find command
  10. The process of receiving information from a server on the Internet by a computer is called – downloading
  11. What type of software is most useful for creating brochures, posters and newsletters? – Desktop Publishing Software
  12. What is chat? – typed conversations that take place on a computer
  13. Arithmetic operation – includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  14. Which application is used to create slideshow? – power point
  15. What is another name for junk e-mail? – Spam
  16. What is possible through e-commerce? – doing business on the internet
  17. What is a change in an existing document called? – editing
  18. What is a collection of related files called? – record
  19. What is a modem that cannot be shaken from its position called? – fixed modem
  20. What are all the characters used by a device called? -character set
  21. What to use to avoid remembering email address? – addressbook
  22. What is the connection of the modem with? – phone line
  23. What is the meaning of KB attached to the computer? – kilobyte
  24. What is meant by data processing? – Preparation of information for commercial use
  25. What is processed data called? – Output

Important Computer Questions:-

  1. ALU of CPU consists of – Register
  2. Processor has three main parts They are – ALU, Control Unit and Registers
  3. The microprocessor which is the brain of the computer is called – Microchip
  4. Which generation computer is micro processor? – IV
  5. Who is called the father of computer? – Charles Bawes
  6. What is the layer of material on the magnetic disk? – iron oxide
  7. Expansion cards are inserted into – slots
  8. A thin plate or board with electronic components is called – circuit board
  9. The circuit board that contains the CPU and other chips is called – Motherboard
  10. Which port connects certain types of music devices to sound cards? – MIDI
    Pascal is a computer language
  11. Which is the first language developed for programming? – FORTRAN
  12. Words that the programming language has set aside for its own use – Reservedwords
  13. The first language developed to program – FORTRAN
  14. The first language developed for the program – FORTRAN
  15. The representation of a program in the form of a diagram is called – Flowchart
  16. In which field is the computer language FORTRAN useful? – science
  17. What is the computer language COBOL useful for? – business work
  18. Uses machine language – numeric code
  19. The most popular language for developing multimedia webpages, websites and web based applications is – Java
  20. The computer language used in the Internet is – Java
  21. The operating system called Unix is ​​specially used in – web servers
  22. Which printer prints one letter in one stroke? – Data Matrix
  23. What type of computer language is the compiler? – low level language
  24. Which software controls the computer hardware? system
  25. Which software is used to work in computer? – application
  26. What is the point at which columns and rows intersect in a spreadsheet called? – Cell
  27. What is an example of a trackball? – Pointing device
  28. If your computer keeps rebooting itself it is likely that it has viruses.
  29. Lists of Commandos that appear on the screen – Menu
  30. Where are deleted files from hard disk sent? – Recycle Bin
  31. D.P. What is? – electronic data processing
Important Computer Question With Answers:-
  1. Which type of computer is the ultimate computer manufactured in India? – super computer
  2. Which generation computer is microprocessor? – IV
  3. How many ‘function-keys’ are there in the key board? – 12
  4. The code with lines of different length and width read from the computer is called – Bar code
  5. Which printer prints letters with strokes? – Dot Matrix Printer
  6. What type of storage is internal storage? – primary
  7. What types of storage devices are used in cell phones? – Flash
  8. What is the process of dividing a disk into tracks and sectors? – formatting
  9. RAM is a volatile memory because it needs a continuous power supply to retain data.
  10. The set of programs, which is pre-installed in the read-only memory of the
  11. computer at the time of manufacture – Firmware
  12. The language which the computer understands without a translation program is called – Machine language

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Tally Prime Book in Hindi PDF Free download


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